Yes, you read the title right! There is still a diaper service available to your area! Sweet Peaz Diaper Service is locally owned out of Portage, Indiana that services the South Suburbs of Chicago, through the Kankakee area, Layfayette area, Northwest Indiana, and all the way to Goshen plus all the little areas in between!

You, or someone you know, has talked about cloth diapers. How they're eco-friendly and making a huge come back after the rise of disposable diapers. Maybe you've wanted to try cloth, but don't want to deal with the washing, or maybe you don't own a washer and dryer. That's where Sweet Peaz comes in with weekly deliveries of freshly laundered prefold diapers directly to your door, all you have to do is change them and set your bag outside on your delivery day! How awesome is that? All the benefits of cloth without the extra laundry. Don't know how to use them? We'll come to your home and teach you everything you need to know. We also provide a drop off/pick up service for your personal diapers to do deep cleaning or just to take a load off your mind. Got new diapers but don't want to prep them? We'll do that too! Just give us a call for more information and prices! Diaper covers, fasteners, pails, and wipes are also available! Interested in something other than prefolds? Give us a call, and we may be able to help you!

Cloth diapering is clearly recognized as an important way in which we can positively impact the well-being of our environment, and ultimately that of the Earth. We are firm believers that cloth diapering is where the industry is headed, and happily, we can report that more and more eco-conscious consumers are turning to the re-usability and sustainability of cloth versus paper. Disposable paper diapers fill our landfills, and do not biodegrade for up to 500 years! That's right, 500 years. We want to help with that by making cloth more mainstream and offering up our services.

Beyond the ethical arguments, cloth diapering is a wonderful way to save money while benefitting the current generations and those yet to come.

Please, come inside and explore our site and find how cloth diapering is not only softer on your wallet, but softer on your baby as well.

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